Quick Rules

Be courteous and have fun!

Rules Overview

Our rules have been developed over time to ensure the game is fun and fair for everyone. We've created a set of rules that are easy to understand and follow. This page offers a quick overview of the most important rules. For a full list of rules with detailed explanations, please view them here.

  1. Your Behavior
    • - Treat everyone with respect and kindness; everyone is here to enjoy the PvE experience.
    • - Racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination are not allowed.
    • - Avoid controversial topics in chat and don't cause drama. If you have an issue with someone, discuss it privately or create a Discord ticket.
    • - Our primary language is English. If you can't understand English and break the rules, you may have difficulty understanding our warnings.

  2. No Griefing or Stealing
    • - Do not take or destroy anything that doesn't belong to you.
    • - Stealing from containers, whether locked or not, is prohibited.
    • - Do not loot or destroy player corpses unless it's your own or you have the owner's permission.
    • - Breaking any part of a player's base without permission is not allowed. Always be authorized on the TC before breaking anything.
    • - Raiding player bases should be agreed upon beforehand. Always be authorized on the TC before raiding. Admin bases with a locked crate (visible on the map) can be raided if you call it and no one else has called it first.

  3. No Killing Players Unless at an Oil Rig or Teamed
    • - PvP outside of an Oil Rig is only allowed if you are teamed with the player you want to kill.
    • - There are no other circumstances under which you can kill a player.
    • - Killing a player twice in a row outside these rules will result in an automatic kick from the server.

  4. Call Out What You're Doing
    • - Call in chat if you want to loot a monument (more info). If another player has called it first, they have priority.
    • - Airdrops must be called in chat. You can only call an airdrop if you are directly underneath or next to it. The player who reaches it first gets it.
    • - Raid bases should also be called in chat.

  5. Punishments
    • - If you repeatedly break the rules and we're unable to communicate with you, you will be banned until you join our Discord to discuss the issue. This is a last resort; we prefer to resolve issues in-game.

Play fair and have fun. For any questions, please read our in-depth rules. You're always welcome to create a Discord ticket if you have any questions or concerns.