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Connecting to Our Rust Server

Welcome to our Rust server! Connecting is easy, and we've provided a few methods to help you find us quickly.

Method 1: Using Server Browser

  1. Open the server browser and select the "Community" tab.

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Select the "Community" tab
  1. Look for a server called Griefer Grave - that's us!

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Look for a server that has Griefer Grave in the name


We're now known as Griefer Grave. If you're having trouble finding us, we recommend disabling all filters and searching for "Griefer Grave" only.

Method 2: Direct Connection

If you can't find us in the list, try a direct connection:

  1. Load the game and be on the main menu.

  2. Press your F1 key to open the console.

  3. Type the following command and press enter:

Monthly Server


Need Help?

If you encounter any issues, or if none of the methods work, check our Discord for the latest announcements regarding our server.

Happy gaming!