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Server Rules

Our Rules

It is unquestionable that harassment, racial abuse, extreme toxicity, and hateful content have no place on our servers or within our community. While there may not be a specific rule that covers every aspect of hatefulness, we strongly urge you to be mindful of your words and treat all fellow players with respect.

1. Be an ambassador 😄

We want newbies to feel included and welcome. Regardless of the situation, always treat fellow players with respect and kindness. If a player is not following our rules, type "Admin" in the chat, and we'll deal with it as soon as we can.

2. Your base & vehicles 🚁

Leaving your base with thatch flooring/walls makes it easier for players to target your base. Lock your doors and tool cupboards. Ensure that your vehicles, horses, furnaces, and other loot containers are secure. If items are left outside the confines of your base (not behind walls/doors), you are at a very high risk of having your items stolen. This is especially true for vehicles and horses.

Important Note

Your base can be raided and things can be stolen. It is your responsibility to practice good base security. If you are the victim of a troll or rule breaker, let an admin know and we'll gladly assist you.

In addition to securing your base, please make sure you understand Base Limits.

2a. Vehicle limit

Vehicles on a Rust server are a finite resource. That's why we ask players not to hoard vehicles, so everybody has a chance to find and own one.

How many vehicles you can own at a time

Vehicle Type Lone Player Limit Team Limit
Car 2 5
Minicopter 2 5
Tug Boat 1 -
Rowing Boat No Limit -
Rhib Boat No Limit -
Attack Helicopter No Limit -
Scrap Helicopter No Limit -
Horse No Limit -
Snowmobile No Limit -

What is the difference between a lone player and a team?

A lone player is a player who has no team mates and does not live with another player. A team is when 2 or more players are in a team AND share a base. A lone player can own 2 minicopters, whereas a team can own 5. This limit does not increase whether you have a team with 2 members or 10. Multiple bases also do not increase this limit.

2b. Base defense

You can defend your base with traps and turrets. All traps should be inside your base walls/compound and should not target players passing by.

2c. SAM sites are only allowed in DEFENDER mode

You can use SAM sites to defend against MLRS rockets but they must be in defender mode.

3. Do not kill players, raid players, or steal from players 🔫

You must not PvP unless you are in the same team as the other player. You must not raid players or enter their base without permission. You must not steal from players, this includes sleeping players.

PvP zones are exempt from this rule - Understanding PvP Zones

Important Note

All actions in this category are shared to our Discord server & to our internal log system. Admins investigate all PvP and raid events on the server.

3a. Defending yourself

Defending yourself should be a last resort. The reason for this is it clouds our view of who is at fault. Please review some scenarios below.


(Scenario) A player is attempting to raid your base

Let them break into your base. Once they've broken a wall, a door or some other item inside your base, kill them. Raiding player bases is not allowed under any circumstances. By allowing the raider to break part of your base, the log of this action will be posted to our Discord server and we will have proof that the player had intentions to raid your base.


(Scenario) A player is attempting to kill you

Let them. Once the player has killed you, they will likely steal your loot. Now we'll have a log of this event, plus a log of everything they stole. You'll get your loot back, and they'll get banned.


(Scenario) A troll is killing everyone

If this happens and an admin does not immediately respond, you can defend yourself and other players.

3b. Looting decaying bases

Bases that are decaying can be looted, but you cannot break anything. This means if a storage box, TC, locker etc is locked, you cannot break it to gain access to the loot. If you do, an admin will be alerted and it will be investigated.

3c. Unlocked/open bases

An unlocked base does not give you the right to enter it. Any theft from active player bases, unlocked or not, will be investigated by an admin.

3d. Vehicles and horses

Secure your vehicles and horses responsibly. Horses should be kept inside a locked stable and vehicles should be stored inside your base or compound. Do not leave a vehicle on a powered car lift that is accessible to passers by.

If you encounter a horse that is next to a base or if the horse has horse shoes/saddle bags equipped, it is already owned by a player and you cannot take it.

3e. External refineries and furnaces

If your refinery or furnace is accessible to passers by, do not leave resources in them. You are allowed to use refineries and furnaces that you do not own, but you cannot take any resources from them that you did not put in.

4. Announce / callout monuments 🗣

When you arrive at a monument, announce in the global chat that you are at that monument. This announcement serves to prevent other players from countering you or interfering with your gameplay. Players who disclose their current position are protected by this rule. If you fail to announce your position, you will not be protected by our PvP rules or shielded from players attempting to steal loot from the monument.

4a. Monuments to call in chat

Important Monuments
Monument Callout
Airfield @Airfield
Harbor @Harbor
Large Oil (or oil) Not required
Small Oil (or smoil) Not required
Launch Site @Launch Site
Abandoned Military Site @Abandoned Military / @Mil
Bradley @Bradley
Military Tunnels @Military Tunnels
Power Plant @Power Plant
Junkyard @Junkyard
Sewer Branch (or sewer) @Sewer Branch
Satellite Dish (or sat) @Satellite Dish
Dome @Dome
Train Yard @Train Yard
Water Treatment Plant (or wt) @Water Treatment Plant
Cargo Ship (or cargo) @Cargo Ship
Attack Heli (Tag first) @Heli
Unimportant Monuments
Monument Callout
Mining Outpost Not required
Bandit Camp Not required
Outpost Not required
Ferry Terminal Not required
Underground Tunnels Not required


Use abbreviations for faster callouts! Small oil could be @smoil, Satelite Dish could be @sat, as long as your callout is clear you're all set!

4b. Announce supply drops

When throwing supply drops on the ground, callout in the chat @private supply drop grid. This protects you if a player attempts to steal your supply drops, as an admin can recover stolen loot.

Important Note

If you are calling in a personal supply drop either by using a Supply Signal or the Large Excavator, you must announce this in the chat. You can do this by saying Personal supply drop at P5! or At excavator, private drops!


(Scenario) Supply drop in a player's compound

You must not attempt to gain access to a base that is surrounded by walls to obtain a supply drop.


(Scenario) The supply drop landed at Large Excavator

Players using the Large Excavator should reasonably refer to this rule and announce the supply drops, but be aware that supply drops landing at Large Excavator are rarely public.


(Scenario) The supply drop landed inside a monument (ex. cargo heli supply drop)

If this happens, you should call out the supply drop and the monument you are in. For example, you could call @Airfield Supply Drop. If a player calls @Airfield and a supply drop lands at Airfield after the fact, they do have the right to claim that airdrop as we will consider it within the confines of the monument.

4c. Announce raidable bases

When you arrive at a raidable base, you must announce the location of the base in chat. To do this, hold G and locate the grid square you are in, then announce in the global chat that you are at the base. An example of this would be @Raidable Base Q1.

5. Raidable bases 💥

Raidable bases are manually created by the admins and don't automatically respawn. Be courteous when taking on our raidable bases and give other players the opportunity to enjoy the loot. Raiding the same base repeatedly is not allowed.

5a. Don't counter raidable bases

Do not counter or interfere with a raid that has been claimed on the server.

5b. Complete the raid

You must complete the raid and hack the crate inside. Doing so removes it from the map. If you cannot do this, announce in chat @raid grid finished.

5c. Don't live inside a raidable base

After raiding one of our raidable bases, take everything you want back to your base. If you want to put door locks onto the raid base temporarily to protect your loot while you move it, you are free to do that. The base will be deleted at the end of the day.

6. VPNs are not allowed, by default 💻

By default, we do not allow VPN connections because they are sometimes utilized by individuals attempting to circumvent bans or engage in rule-breaking activities without the risk of their IP addresses being identified. We acknowledge that some players may require a VPN for legitimate reasons. We are willing to whitelist any player who informs us about their need to use a VPN. You can do this by joining our Discord server.